Unfiled Tax Returns

Though the deadline for filing a tax return falls every April, many people simply do not file. Whether the process is too complicated or if they just do not understand the importance, they neglect to file.  They could feel as if they are sending a message to the government or they are simply trying to avoid paying taxes. When they ignore the filing deadlines, they could accumulate years of unfiled tax returns. If you have not been filing tax returns, you will not only be subject to years of back taxes, interest, and penalties, but you could have liens placed against your property.  You could also have your assets seized. Furthermore, your unfiled tax returns could lead to criminal charges against you and a prison sentence failure to file or for tax evasion.

If you have unfiled tax returns it is imperative that you contact an experienced Oklahoma City Tax attorney who can help you take a proactive approach to solving your tax problems. Do not wait for the IRS to take your property or charge you with a tax crime. Act now to protect your freedom and your financial future.

Unfiled Tax Returns

The IRS refers to those who have not filed their tax returns as “non-filers.” If you have been a non-filer for one or more years, you may be subject to criminal prosecution. Generally, the IRS informs non-filers of their failure to file and demands the filing of tax returns.  If you willfully ignore these messages from the IRS, they may force your compliance.  This is often accomplished through criminal prosecution. However, if you voluntarily comply, you may be able to find solutions to your tax problems.

Voluntary Compliance is clearly favorable in terms of legal consequences. However, the IRS has a tendency to carefully scrutinize delinquent returns. Trying to sort out your unfiled tax returns for the past several years can be a nightmare. For that reason, it is best to proceed with representation from a qualified Oklahoma tax attorney who can help you obtain the required documentation, complete the necessary forms accurately, and meet any and all tax deadlines.

While some people with unfiled tax returns may think they should contact an accountant, it is important to remember you may have criminal charges pending. While conversations between you and your tax attorney are protected by attorney/client privilege, nothing you say to your accountant is legally protected. 

Experienced Tax Attorney in Oklahoma City

For help taking a proactive approach through voluntary disclosure and compliance, contact Oklahoma City Tax Attorney Joseph G. Shannonhouse. If your case has reached enforced compliance, you need a tax lawyer to help protect you from pending criminal charges. Mr. Shannonhouse has the skill and experience to protect you no matter where you are in the tax process. For an evaluation of your case, call (405) 415-1700.