It is no coincidence that April is one of the most stressful months of the year. As the deadline for filing income tax returns approaches, millions of taxpayers across the nation worry over whether or not they have filed appropriately, whether they have taken the appropriate deductions, whether they could have reduced their taxes, or whether they will be able to pay a hefty tax debt. Oklahoma City tax attorney, Joe Shannonhouse is experienced at offering sound counsel for legal issues relating to taxation.

Representing individuals, small businesses, and corporations, Mr. Shannonhouse handles all areas of state and Federal taxation and helps taxpayers handle problems with the IRS or the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Taxation issues handles by attorney Shannonhouse include:

  • Tax Audits
  • Tax Appeals
  • Tax Collection
  • Tax Litigation
  • Delinquent Tax Returns (Unfiled)

Whether you need help with a tax audit or you need to fight against unfairly and illegally assessed tax debt and tax penalties, Joe Shannonhouse can help. With more than 40 years legal experience and advanced education in Tax Law, Mr. Shannonhouse has a record of successfully representing taxpayers for the most favorable outcome to their tax problems.

To schedule your consultation with an aggressive, experienced Oklahoma tax attorney, call Joe Shannonhouse at (405) 415-1700.