Tax Audits

Receiving notice that you will be audited by a tax examiner or IRS agent can be one of the most stressful ordeals an individual taxpayer or business owner will undergo. Though the prospect of a tax audit causes many taxpayers to panic, relying on an Oklahoma tax controversy lawyer to help you with the audit can help alleviate the stress and give you the confidence that your best interests are represented. If you, or someone you know, are being audited, it is highly recommended that you contact Mr. Shannonhouse before it is too late.  Negotiating with the IRS on your own is never recommended in these situations.  Mr. Shannonhouse has dedicated the majority of his 40+ year career to representing taxpayers with their tax issues. With his experience on your side, you can protect yourself from aggressive tax agents looking to increase tax payments at your expense.

Types of Tax Audits

Not every tax audit is the same. They may be conducted via correspondence, or they may take place at your business or IRS offices. In many cases, the severity of your audit can be determined by the type of audit you must undergo. There are three types of tax audits:

  • Correspondence Audit
  • Office Audit
  • Field Audit

A correspondence audit is conducted via mail. The IRS asks questions about certain tax information you provided, and you may mail documentation, such as proof of deductions, back to the IRS.

During an office audit, you are required to bring tax documentation and receipts to the local IRS office. This audit is generally more intensive than a correspondence audit.

Perhaps the most feared audit is the field audit. In this type of audit, an IRS agent conducts the audit at your home or place of business, thoroughly investigating your tax documents, receipts, proof of deductions, and any other documentation to verify or dispute your tax claims.

Remember, tax agents are not auditing you to see what the IRS can give you; rather, they are looking for evidence that you owe more. Do not attempt to undergo an audit without the representation of a skilled tax attorney.

A tax controversy attorney can advise you how to proceed with the audit, encouraging you to say nothing more than the IRS asks, and protecting you from being charged with a tax debt that you do not actually owe.

Tax Attorney in Oklahoma City

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