White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are frequently prosecuted as Federal crimes. Those accused of white collar crimes such as tax fraud or tax evasion are encouraged to find a criminal tax defense attorney who is also an experienced Federal trial lawyer. Oklahoma City tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse has been protecting the rights of accused taxpayers in local and federal courts for more than 40 years.

Federal Tax Crimes

Being accused of a Federal crime carries significant weight. Your alleged illegal tax activity is not merely investigated by local authorities, but your investigation is carried out by specialized agencies of the Federal government. Whether your criminal case was launched by an informant or by a suspicious audit by an IRS Revenue Agent, once Federal agencies such as the IRS or the SEC are involved, you can be certain that the investigation will be thorough and any uncovered evidence will be damaging to your case.

It is imperative that you protect your rights, your finances, and your future by hiring a skilled white collar criminal attorney with superior knowledge of the Federal Tax Code and proper investigative procedures. The best criminal tax defense attorney will be experienced with grand jury inquiries and will have a successful record as a Federal white collar criminal trial attorney.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are those which relate to financial or commercial enterprise and which are perpetrated for financial gain. Embezzlement, bribery, and fraud are all examples of white collar crimes. For white collar crimes such as tax fraud, tax evasion, and other tax crimes, hiring a criminal defense attorney who is also an experienced tax attorney is critical to the outcome of your case.

Oklahoma White Collar Crime Defense and Federal Crime Defense

In a Federal criminal tax case, the prosecution will be backed by an investigation conducted by highly trained and specialized Federal agents. Shouldn’t you expect your defense to be armed at the same level, if not better, of expertise? Call Federal tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse to consult with an experienced white collar crime defense lawyer. Call (405) 415-1700 today to begin building your defense and protecting your rights.