Tax Crimes

Our government runs on taxpayer dollars. For this reason, Federal and state governments aggressively prosecute tax crimes. The government feels as if individuals and businesses who they believe cheat on their taxes are essentially stealing from the government. Tax crimes are penalized by fines, back taxes, penalties, asset seizure, and lengthy prison sentences. If you have been charged with any tax crime, or if you are concerned charges may be eminent based on your previous filings (or lack thereof), contact Oklahoma tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse for white collar crime defense.

White Collar Tax Crime

White collar crimes are those which are perpetrated through business, financial, or commercial means for the purpose of financial gain. As such, tax crimes are considered white collar crimes. Tax crime involving the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is prosecuted as a Federal crime, whereas tax crime involving the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) is a State crime.  For most people accused of tax fraud, tax evasion, or other tax crime in Oklahoma, the crime may be prosecuted at either or both levels; it is unlikely that one would file a state tax return without filing a Federal tax return.  Regardless of whether you face Federal criminal charges, state criminal charges, or both, Joe Shannonhouse has the experience and skill to successfully handle your case.

Federal Tax Crime and Oklahoma Tax Crime

Tax crime can take many forms, but essentially, it is an attempt to pay less than one owes. Common tax crimes include:

  • Tax evasion
  • Failure to File
  • Failure to Pay
  • Preparing False Returns
  • Underreporting Income
  • Unsubstantiated Deductions

If you suspect you may be guilty of any of these tax crimes, contact an Oklahoma tax attorney who can advise you of your best moves for voluntary disclosure before you have been criminally charged.  If you have already been charged with a Federal tax crime or Oklahoma tax crime, it is critical that you seek legal counsel from a tax lawyer immediately.

Any criminal defense attorney may be able to represent you in your white collar case, but for the best defense, turn to a criminal lawyer specializing in tax law. Just as you would seek out a specialist rather than a general practitioner for a complex medical problem, you should seek a highly-qualified tax attorney for your complex criminal tax issue.

When it comes to unfiled tax returns, failure to pay, tax evasion, and tax fraud, the longer you wait, the more difficult your case becomes, and the more stringent the penalties you face. Do not hesitate any longer. Call Oklahoma City tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse at (405) 415-1700.