Tax Appeals

If you dispute an IRS collection action, or if a tax audit did not turn out well, you have the right to appeal the IRS or OTC decision. By hiring an experienced Oklahoma City tax attorney to handle your appeal, you maximize your chance of successfully appealing the decision or action, protecting your assets from liens, levies, or seizure, and protecting your finances from a heavy tax debt. If you are in disagreement with Federal or state tax agencies, contact Oklahoma City tax attorney Joseph G. Shannonhouse, IV, to handle your tax appeal.

Tax Appeals

It is a right of all taxpayers to appeal the actions of the IRS or state tax commissions. After an audit, you have only limited time to get your hearing with the Appellate Division granted. For the best result, contact a tax controversy lawyer as soon as you receive notice of an audit. If you have already gone through an audit without legal representation, call a tax lawyer as soon as possible after the audit’s conclusion. You have only 30 days to get your appeal granted.

Some IRS actions which you have the guaranteed right to appeal include:

  • Liens
  • Levies
  • Seizure
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Rejected Installment Agreement Requests
  • Rejected Offers in Compromise
  • Tax Adjustments
  • Penalties
  • Interest

If you are being treated unfairly by the Internal Revenue Service or the Oklahoma Tax Commission, call attorney Joe Shannonhouse.

As an experienced Oklahoma tax attorney, Mr. Shannonhouse has logged countless hours in Tax Court, representing taxpayers appealing unfair or unethical IRS treatment. With a successful record spanning several decades, Mr. Shannonhouse is a preeminent tax attorney in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Tax Attorney

The IRS is a bureaucracy fraught with complicated tax laws, exemptions, exceptions, procedures, and requirements. It is not an infallible agency.  If you dispute any IRS or tax collection action, call (405) 415-1700 today. Oklahoma tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse is ready to handle your tax appeal.