Tax Litigation

You do not have to accept Federal or state tax assessments on blind faith. You have the right to dispute your tax obligation in Tax Court. For the best result, contact a skilled Oklahoma tax attorney to handle your tax litigation.

For many people, tax disputes take years to resolve. When you have continually battled the IRS, when your tax appeal requests have been denied, your last step may be to pursue tax litigation in Tax Court.

If you wish to take your IRS dispute to Tax Court, contact Oklahoma tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse to file a petition. When your case goes to litigation, a Tax Court judge may rule on any number of tax actions, including deficiency, transferee liability, declaratory judgment, adjustment of partnership items, failure to abate interest or penalties, relief from joint liability, and certain collection actions.

Though many cases are settled in Tax Court, occasionally, a tax dispute may go to trial to reach resolution. As an experienced Tax Court trial attorney, Joe Shannonhouse is well-equipped to handle your tax litigation for the best possible outcome.

Attorney Shannonhouse represents taxpayers in all types of tax litigation:

  • Civil Tax Litigation
  • Tax Refund Litigation
  • U.S. Tax Court Litigation
  • U.S. District Court Litigation
  • Summons Enforcement Proceedings

Oklahoma Tax Lawyer Handling Tax Litigation

Tax litigation requires extensive skill and legal expertise. If you are taking on a government agency by disputing an IRS tax claim, it is wise to proceed backed by an experienced tax litigator. From representing you at an audit to helping you find tax relief to handling your tax litigation in Tax Court, Joe Shannonhouse has the knowledge, skill, resources, and experience to successfully represent your best interests. For more information, call (405) 415-1700 to schedule a consultation with a pre-eminent Oklahoma tax attorney.