Tax Evasion

The most commonly known tax crime is tax evasion. Essentially, tax evasion is the attempt to avoid paying taxes or to reduce the tax liability through dishonest means. Tax evasion can include failing to file a return, filing a false return, failing to pay taxes, underreporting income, dealing in unreported cash transactions, and claiming false deductions. Tax evasion, tax avoidance, or tax fraud may be perpetrated by individuals, small businesses, or multinational corporations. If you have not been filing your taxes or have filed false information, you need to contact an experienced Oklahoma tax attorney at once. You may already be under criminal investigation by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID).  If you have already been contacted by CID Special Agents, your prosecution is likely imminent.  Call Oklahoma City tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse for legal defense against Federal criminal charges.

Tax Evasion Investigation

If you are investigated for tax evasion, Special Agents may be able to conduct special audits, subpoena your financial records, freeze your bank accounts, and seize your assets. However, they must work within certain guidelines. By hiring an experienced tax attorney, you provide yourself protection against illegal search and seizure. You team with a professional who can help you comply with IRS requirements without jeopardizing your personal rights and freedoms, and without harming your criminal defense. Joe Shannonhouse has handled complex tax laws for the entirety of his 40 year legal career. With virtually unmatched experience, Mr. Shannonhouse will safeguard  your rights with a strong defense against accusations of tax evasion.

Tax Evasion in Oklahoma

Though tax evasion seems like a crime committed only by the extremely wealthy, the majority of Federal and state tax returns contain some degree of error or misinformation.  When false statements are considered willful and intentional, IRS agents may suspect tax fraud. Though celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Wesley Snipes, and Willie Nelson have all faced legal penalties for tax evasion, the majority of tax evasion cases actually involve individual middle-income earners.

If you are suspected of tax fraud or tax evasion, or if you think your actions or a bad audit may leave you open to IRS investigation, call Oklahoma City tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse at once. For an evaluation of your case, call (405) 415-1700.