Failure to Pay Taxes

Failure to pay your taxes is a crime that is punished separately, and perhaps in addition to, any charged for failing to file. Some taxpayers, however, may have legitimate reasons for failing to pay taxes in a timely manner. With the help of a qualified tax attorney, you may be able to demonstrate to the IRS or OTC that your failure to pay was reasonable rather than willful. For example, you may have been unable to pay due to illness, death, or natural disaster.  An Oklahoma tax attorney can help you work with the IRS to reach a solution to your problem.

However, if the IRS determines that your failure to pay was willful and intentional, you face significant criminal penalties in addition to civil tax penalties for failure to pay. Though you may have initially delayed paying taxes because of financial difficulty, delinquent taxes only intensify as time goes on.  The financial burden of penalties, interest, seizure of property, freezing of assets, and criminal prosecution become increase in likelihood and in severity as failure to pay continues.

If you face trouble with the IRS as the result of a failure to pay all or part of your taxes, help is available to you through Oklahoma City tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse. As your attorney, Mr. Shannonhouse can help you reach agreements with the IRS that prevent unnecessary consequences and penalties, and he can aggressively defend you at trial if your failure to pay results in criminal tax charges.

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