Failure to File Taxes

If you have not been filing your tax returns, or if you have failed to provide documentation required by the Internal Revenue Service or the Oklahoma Tax Commission, you could be subject to civil penalties up of 75% of the tax liability, and you may be subject to criminal prosecution. Failure to file can land you in serious legal and financial trouble. If you have been accused of willful failure to file, or if you suspect you are being investigated for failing to file your taxes, contact tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse for an evaluation of your case. Mr. Shannonhouse is an experienced Oklahoma City tax attorney fully experienced in handling Federal criminal defense and white collar criminal defense relating to tax crimes.

Voluntary Disclosure

If you have not filed your taxes, but have not yet been contacted by the IRS about your failure to file, you may be able to minimize the damage by voluntarily disclosing your failure to file and making amends as quickly as possible. A qualified tax attorney can help you with your disclosure and can help you comply with IRS demands to avoid criminal prosecution.

Criminal Tax Evasion

If you have been accused of failure to file and have been charged with a tax crime, all is not lost.  Build a strong defense with the help of a tax crime attorney. Joseph G. Shannonhouse, IV, is a tax attorney and white collar defense lawyer who has successfully helped clients accused of tax crimes such as failure to file for more than 40 years.

Some possible defenses against tax evasion charges include lack of intent, the defendant did know knowingly fail to file, the defendant did know willfully withhold information, and noncompliance was discovered after the expiration of the statute of limitations. Other defense strategies may be available for your particular case. For an evaluation of your case and to begin building the best possible defense for your unique tax situation, call Oklahoma City tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse at (405) 415-1700.