Criminal Tax Trials

When you are involved in a tax controversy, you have several options for dealing with the IRS or the state tax commission. You could hire an accountant, but your conversations with an accountant are not covered by privilege. By hiring a tax attorney, you get the benefit of someone who not only understands tax law and IRS requirements, but with whom you can speak openly and honestly about your case without fearing that your statements may be used against you. If your case does go to trial, it is important to have not just any tax attorney, but one who is also a skilled white collar defense trial lawyer. Attorney Joe Shannonhouse is not only an experienced tax attorney, but also a seasoned and successful criminal tax trial attorney.

Federal Criminal Tax Trials

Tax crimes such as tax fraud, tax evasion, failure to file, or failure to pay have harsh civil and legal penalties associated. In addition, a criminal conviction can ruin your personal life and professional standing. If you face criminal charges as a result of tax problems, contact tax attorney Joe Shannonhouse as soon as possible. He can advise you of the necessary steps to take to mitigate the circumstances of your charge and to minimize any adverse consequences you face.

Though not every criminal tax investigation goes to trial, up to 75% of those referred for investigation by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) are prosecuted. In most cases, it is best to negotiate with the IRS to reach an acceptable compromise. Some cases, however, do go to trial, and if you are confronting a criminal tax trial, it would be foolish to proceed without representation from a criminal tax trial defense attorney.

Though a criminal tax trial has some similarities to any criminal trial, in many ways, it is completely different. The prosecution’s arguments hinge on your alleged violation of the Federal tax code, an extremely complex set of tax laws that the jury is not likely to understand. It is important that your attorney fully understands these laws so that he can present your case in a positive light and counteract any “education” the jury may glean from the prosecution’s expert witnesses.

Oklahoma City Criminal Tax Trial Lawyer

When you have significant tax problems, it is wise to contact a tax attorney as soon as possible to minimize the chance of criminal prosecution. If, however, you are already under IRS investigation, or if you have been indicted by a Grand Jury, you must act now.  Call attorney Joe Shannonhouse at (405) 415-1700.